Organic food trading and eco-solutions for your business
Sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients and consumer products from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Kazakhstan globally
About our company
We decided to combine our passion for healthy, sustainable and organic food, multiple business experience and food industry expertise. The company is founded by French and Ukrainian shareholders, who have combined food industry experience of more than 20 years. We are international team of like minded people with offices in Ukraine and France.
Range of our food ingredients
Organic Pumpkin Seed
Austrian (Styrian) variety of dark green GWS pumpkin seed. Harvested, cleaned, dried, sorted, metal detected, colour selected and packaged
Organic Hulled Millet
99.9% purity organic hulled millet. Harvested, cleaned, de-dusted by wind, magnet cleaned, de-stoned, hulled, size selected, color selected, metal detected and packaged.
Organic Chickpeas
98.5% cleaned organic chickpeas. 24% of crude protein makes the product very attractive for vegetarians and vegan
Organic Oat and Oat Flakes
Oat flakes are produced from organic uncrushed oat grains by steaming and rolling. Great for bakery, cereals and bars
Organic Flaxseed
98% purity brown and golden flax seed. It is high in protein. Great for bakery, healthy bars production, oil extraction
Organic Sunflower Seed
99% pure shelled and with shell sunflower seeds. Both bakery and high oleic variety available
Organic Amaranth
Naturally gluten free ingredient. Good for cereals, bar production, pop amaranth, flour, oil extraction. 99% purity
Organic Corn
95% pure organic non GMO corn.
Controlling the quality at every stage of production. Traceability and transparency
Supporting your business with the best price and quality products from CIS countries
Advantages of our company
Food industry experience 20+ years
Our team worked in different food businesses and operated food factories. We understand process of quality control necessary for your final customer: food safety, storage conditions, moisture of the products, packaging materials, shelf life etc.
Organic Food Industry 5+ years
We have experience of organic food production of more than 5 years. We know about prohibited chemicals, organic line operations, labeling requirements. We do independent pesticides analysis in French and German laboratories.
Packaging and Processing Solutions
We work with the best factories in CIS countries and France which can do private label packaging according to your needs.
Our solutions
We work with food manufacturers, retailers,HoReCa, distributors and packers
Delivery of grains, pulses and seeds in bulk
We deliver our products around the world by trucks, ships and railway
Retail Packaging of grains, pulses and seeds
We have experience at food production and are flexible to find best packaging for your products. Recyclable and sustainable
Pre-order of organic agricultural products
We can cultivate for you organic crop for next year. We sign forward contract and deliver after harvest. This is how you can fix the price and make sure that you have product all year round. Forward contract let you fix the price and volume as organic food market is very unstable.
Production possibilities
We partner with the best production sites in Ukraine and we control manufacturing process. We can offer organic oils, organic flours, meals, organic honey, frozen berries and powders.
Search of organic farmers in CIS countries
If you want to find suppliers in CIS countries, it is the best to minimize your risks. We help you negotiate the price, contract terms, control quality, clean the product, fill specifications and we survey truck loading till your warehouse.
Contact us
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Office in France
38 Route de Roussas 26230 Valaurie France
FR +33 637 55 80 54
FR +33 625 45 06 02

Office in Ukraine
04070 Kyiv Spasska 21
UA + 38 050 033 80 67
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